PORTable (digital) IDentity for me.




Thanks for visiting the testing site.

PortID is organised around four aspects of everyone’s life and is further ordered by immediacy.  Upon registration, the features are tailored to your preferences.  To help with testing, please submit some bogus or actual information.  If actual, we’ll begin tailoring to you.

Feedback/suggestions on any detail that confuses or fails will be much appreciated.

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What’s this?
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to your Portable Identity service.

  • Your PortID Launch Page
    • convenient, secure, and privacy-focused
    • the locus for your digital life
  • Access your PPemail services
    • Sign in to your personal pages
    • Contact us with any questions
  • Link to your personal website(s)

What is PortID?

“PortID” is shorthand for Portable Identity.

  • A convenient launch page
  • Any connected digital device
  • All your various roles

PortID provides convenient access to the sites and services used while playing each role:

  • Your Private life
    • individual (Personal)
    • family (Generations)
  • Your Public activities
    • community (Culture)
    • work (Career)

Begin with your personal, connect with family, grow a community, establish a history, that becomes your legacy.

PortID reduces needless distractions while keeping you focused on important:

  • persons & activities
  • tasks & responsibilities
  • goals & aspirations

PortID builds your life today while creating a legacy for tomorrow.

The dues paid today create your options tomorrow:

  • ToDay Dues toMorrow Options (DDMO)

Easiest to just go look then use the buttons to organise all your dimensions.

Promote you & family without selling your privacy.

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